What Lies Ahead For 2021?

We have been through a lot last year and now another year has started to unfold.  With all these that we are experiencing as of the moment, fear and anxiety of losing one’s job will always be around the corner. But we have to keep moving and believe that these will all come to an end, a solution that we have all been waiting for: the end of this worldwide pandemic.

Now, since we cannot just stop, stare and wait for a miracle to happen, let’s all face it! We need money to survive! And with that, we need a job to get through all these!  

Here are some exciting takeaways to watch out  this year:

Be prepared for New Technologies

Technology has been one of the most important contributions of mankind to this planet. Admit it; we can’t imagine our lives without the advent of technology especially in the construction field. This year, 3D printing will be in! It will impact the building and construction industry in terms of where materials are sourced, the sustainability of materials used, as well as production cost. Investing in the machines that can create the product rather than having to buy the product itself may be a more cost-effective way to manufacture supplies.

Out with the old, say hello to the new:  Utilizing drone technology

The construction industry this year will be undergoing a significant paradigm shift. Many construction sites are already highly-dependent on drone technology for their on-site operations. Drones equip construction teams with an overhead view of work sites, materials, equipment, and people. Contractors incorporate this autonomous flying machine to record images and videos to help optimize processes like grading plans and identify differences between actual and as-built site plans.

Changing Construction Market Trends

Due to the changing times, demands for particular projects have dropped dramatically, while some have seen increases. The demands for new movie theaters, retail buildings, restaurants, and hotels have been down, while bridges, roads, highways, and others have increased over the past year.

The Drive for Women in the Construction Field

Who says women cannot rule the construction industry?!

Currently, only 2% of the populations of construction workers are women. The Victorian government is leading Australian policy by taking steps to increase women’s representation in building and construction. The ‘Building Gender Equality: Victoria’s Women in Construction Strategy 2019-2022’ is overseen by The Building Industry Consultative Council (BICC). The BICC acts as a forum for dialogue between government, employers, industry associations and unions on significant issues affecting the building and construction industry. The Strategy was developed after extensive research and consultation with people in the construction industry, who are eager to contribute to the BICC’s initiative.

Along with government initiatives, there is a significant push from within the industry to focus on encouraging women to pursue a career in building and construction. The 2021 Sydney Build Expo has dedicated an entire panel to gender diversity, naming it the “Women in Construction Summit”. The panel agenda includes topics like:

  • Empowering women in construction
  • Building Women, not just Houses
  • Breaking through the glass ceiling – how can women reach senior and board positions within the construction industry?
  • Celebrating the success of women in construction
  • How can we encourage young girls to consider a career in construction?

Summits like this inspire the confidence of women in the industry, as well as younger women who are considering starting their career path. These panels aim to encourage gender diversity within the industry and create an equal workplace for men and women.

Road to success might be tough sometimes; but take note:  There is no road less travelled to a persistent and hardworking person. Economic recovery might be a bit slower than what we are expecting but let us keep moving forward for success and failure will always be a t the tip of our fingers! You are your life’s master, choose wisely, work hard rigorously and everything else will follow! More development means more jobs for everyone in Australia! So brace yourselves for a brighter year ahead!

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