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Our client is a leading Business specializing in kitchen benchtops, sinks, and splashbacks. With a core mission is to customize and elevate kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor areas to match any style found around the world.
Our client, a family-run business with more than two decades of collective experience in stone craftsmanship, prides itself on its team of skilled artisans.
Our client is a leading provider in the cutting industry and offers top-notch 2D and 3D cutting solutions utilizing cutting-edge waterjet technology, ensuring high quality and cost-effectiveness for a wide range of materials.
A dynamic family enterprise traces its roots back to an endeavor launched in 2008 in Coonabarabran—importing sleek flat pack kitchens from Asia.
A dynamic family enterprise traces its roots back to an endeavor launched in 2008 in Coonabarabran—importing sleek flat pack kitchens from Asia.
Minimum of 2 years experience in a similar role in the Construction industry (preferably commercial building)


Yes, stonemasonry can be a highly rewarding career. It offers the chance to work on a variety of projects, from historical restorations to new constructions. It uniquely combines creative craftsmanship with physical work. 

Skilled stonemasons are much sought-after for their unique abilities to work with natural materials, making them indispensable in both preservation and development contexts. Their expertise in shaping, fitting, and setting stone is critical for creating durable, aesthetic structures that stand the test of time.

In Australia, stone masons are likely to earn more in large cities and areas with significant construction activity, particularly where luxury homes and historical renovations are common. Metropolitan areas in Sydney and Melbourne typically offer higher wages.

Yes, there are many masons in Australia, with the industry well-established across the country. Australia has a range of masonry professions, including stonemasons, bricklayers, and other specialist trades that work with stone and brick materials.

Becoming a stonemason typically requires specific training, which can be obtained through apprenticeships or vocational courses. While anyone with an interest can pursue a career in stonemasonry, it requires physical dexterity, attention to detail, and a willingness to learn the craft.

Stonemasonry is physically demanding and requires a high level of skill and precision. It involves heavy lifting and detailed, meticulous work, making it both challenging and fulfilling as a craft.

Apprentice stonemasons in Australia typically start on lower wages, which increase as they gain experience and skill. According to recent salary surveys, the starting monthly salary for a stonemason apprentice is approximately AUD 2,651 with the range for such positions varying between AUD 59,773 and AUD 99,429 depending on experience, location, and other factors. 

This starting salary is around 50% of what a fully qualified tradesperson earns, but it increases each year of their apprenticeship as they develop their skills and take on more complex tasks.

A stonemason’s career path can vary widely. Many start as apprentices, learning the trade on the job, and can progress to becoming fully qualified stonemasons. From there, opportunities may include specializing in certain types of stonework, leading projects, or starting their own business.

A good stonemason combines physical strength and endurance with precision and attention to detail. They also need creativity, the ability to read and interpret plans and drawings, and problem-solving skills to adapt to the varying nature of natural materials.

A Level 1 diploma in stonemasonry is an introductory educational course that teaches the basics of the trade, including the use of hand and power tools, basic construction techniques, and an understanding of different types of stone. It’s suitable for beginners looking to enter the field.

To start in stone masonry, consider enrolling in a vocational course or securing an apprenticeship with a practicing stonemason. This will provide the necessary training and hands-on experience needed to learn the craft and begin a career in this skilled trade.

Do you have any other questions regarding the field? Contact our team who will be happy to provide further information and guidance on pursuing a career in stone masonry. We’re here to support you on your journey to success in this rewarding and fulfilling profession. Apply now and take the first step towards shaping your future as a stonemason with Dayjob Recruitment.

Securing Your Stone Masonry Position

Embarking on your journey to secure a stonemasonry position through Dayjob Recruitment is streamlined and supportive. Here’s how you can get started, step by step:


Explore Opportunities

You'll find the latest job listings tailored for stonemasons on our job seekers page. These listings provide detailed descriptions of the roles, including tasks, necessary qualifications, and potential career paths.


Submit Your Application

Once you find a position that matches your skills and aspirations, you can apply directly through the website. You’ll need to upload your resume and any relevant trade certifications.


Initial Interview

If your qualifications align with the job requirements, you will receive an invitation for an initial online interview with Dayjob Recruitment. Successful candidates will then be prepared for a second interview directly with the client.


Client Interview

The first interview is conducted online, which allows for a flexible and convenient meeting setup. This is your opportunity to impress the employer with your knowledge and enthusiasm for the role.


Job Offer and Placement

If you are successful in the interview stages, you’ll receive a job offer. Dayjob works closely with you and the employer to ensure all terms are agreed upon and that you’re fully prepared for your new role.

Testimonials and Success Stories

I had the privilege of being a part of the Dayjob family for nearly two years as Recruitment Specialist, and it was an experience that left me with nothing but fond memories and a profound sense of gratitude. The positive working environment, fostered by our generous and appreciative boss, Joonas Russak, made every day a joy. One of the most remarkable aspects of my time at Dayjob was the wonderful relationships I built with my colleagues. From day one, there was a sense of camaraderie and support that was truly exceptional. Speaking of Joonas, it's rare to find a boss who is not only incredibly talented and experienced but also genuinely appreciative of the team's efforts. Joonas went above and beyond to recognise and reward hard work, creating an environment where every team member felt valued and motivated to give their best. His leadership style was a driving force behind our collective success. Even though I've moved on from Dayjob, the bonds I formed with my colleagues in recruitment, Ana, Mary and Keithly, and our boss, Joonas continue to thrive. The open lines of communication have not vanished, and it's heartwarming to know that the Dayjob family is still a part of my professional journey. Hope we can see each other in person soon and bond! 🙂 My time at Dayjob was more than just a job; it was an enriching experience that contributed significantly to my growth as a professional. I wholeheartedly recommend Dayjob to anyone seeking not only a thriving career but also a supportive and nurturing work environment. Thank you, Dayjob, and especially Joonas, for the 2 unforgettable years filled with camaraderie, learning, and growth. Here's to many more successes for your wonderful company! 🙂
Chea Mae Cutamora
Chea Mae Cutamora
My experience was amazing with dealing with Ana initially after conducting a phone screening she passed me to David which I had the pleasure of speaking to him via a video link. Very professional and transparent in there approach on the job I had applied for and very good with communicating with me ensuring i was well prepared for my interview. Would reccomend going through them when looking foe a job as they make the job seeking so much easier.
Felipe Alvear
Felipe Alvear
David is super supportive and knows his job really well. I highly recommend Dayjob. 🙂
Susmita Jain
Susmita Jain
David, Jyrgen and Anna were very quick and responsive. I highly recommend Dayjob Recruitment to anyone who is looking for trade jobs.
Jd Erano
Jd Erano
I would highly recommend Dayjob Recruitment to anyone looking for a job. I had a really great experience with Anna, She was friendly, very supportive and dedicated to helping me a find job that suited me.
Gilbert Deguidoy
Gilbert Deguidoy
David and Anna were amazing, went beyond what I believed was standard. They were quick with their responses which helped me secure the interview with my now employer. Thank you David and Anna.
Julius Ranier Arreza
Julius Ranier Arreza
Definitely a 5 star service. David helped me get a new position that perfectly matches my qualification and interest. Thanks guys.
Nishant Kohli
Nishant Kohli
I got a new job! David was nice, professional and calm. He matched me perfectly with my new job, the interview couldn't have gone better. Huge thanks to David.
Dayjob Recruitment has excellent customer service and high-level, professional recruiters. If you're in AU or NZ and looking for a job then this is your go-to place.
Taavi Tender
Taavi Tender
Great company and guys to work with. Professional and highly recommended
Madis Kuusk
Madis Kuusk

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