The Most Notable Urban Construction Projects of 2024 in Australia

The Most Notable Urban Construction Projects of 2024 in Australia

Australia is witnessing unprecedented urban construction projects that promise to significantly alter its cities’ skylines and urban fabric by 2024. These endeavours span diverse initiatives, including residential communities, commercial hubs, and infrastructural upgrades. They aim to enhance livability, foster economic growth, and meet the evolving needs of their populations. 

This blog aims to shed light on the scope and significance of these transformative projects, offering insights into the vision that drives them and their expected impact on Australia’s urban landscape. By exploring the innovations and strategic planning involved, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of how these developments are poised to shape the future of Australian cities, enhancing the quality of life for their residents and setting new standards for urban development worldwide.

Key Takeaways

  • The urban projects set for 2024 showcase monumental development efforts across Australia.

  • These projects emphasise sustainable, mixed-use development, integrating residential, commercial, and green spaces to foster eco-friendly and livable urban environments.

  • Enhancements to infrastructure and strategic improvements in connectivity are central to these developments. They leverage significant events and new transport links to bolster regional accessibility and economic growth.

1. Greater Springfield

Greater Springfield

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Australia’s largest master-planned city, located 26km southwest of Brisbane, encompasses six suburbs and aims to house 105,000 residents by 2030. It features three primary zones: Education City, Health City, and IDEA City. Each zone offers specialised facilities, including universities, hospitals, and a data centre, alongside residential and commercial developments. 

With amenities like the Orion Springfield Central Shopping Centre and the Brisbane Lions AFL Stadium in the pipeline, the project, valued at 32 billion AUD and expected to be completed by 2045, represents the Springfield City Group’s significant urban development initiative.

2. Northern Gateway City, Badgerys Creek

Northern Gateway City, Badgerys Creek

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The Western Sydney Aerotropolis, centred around the new Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport, is poised to become a significant economic and cultural hub, bringing up to 200,000 job opportunities and housing for around 24,000 people. 

With ten precincts, including the Aerotropolis Core and the Agribusiness Precinct, the development aims to create Sydney’s third CBD and become a centre for high-tech industries, research, and global food production. The project began construction in September 2018, and its completion date has yet to be determined.

3. Yarrabilba Masterplan

Yarrabilba Masterplan

Image Source:

Yarrabilba, launched by Lendlease in 2012 and now also being developed by Stockland, is one of Australia’s fastest-growing master-planned communities between Plunkett Conservation Park and Mt Tamborine in Logan City. It currently houses 12,000 residents and provides a variety of amenities, with plans to expand to 23,000 dwellings and 50,000 residents.

The project emphasises community and educational infrastructure, featuring plans for 20 parks, seven schools, and a shopping precinct. It is estimated to be completed by 2040 and has a project value of around 11 billion AUD.

4. Stockland Masterplanned Community – Caboolture West

Stockland Masterplanned Community – Caboolture West

Image Source:

Caboolture West, set to become Moreton Bay Region’s largest emerging community, is planned to accommodate 70,000 residents and 30,000 homes over 3,156 hectares between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Stockland’s development segment covers 175.4 hectares, alongside commercial centres, educational facilities, and parks, with a significant portion dedicated to open spaces. 

Infrastructure enhancements include a new bridge over the Caboolture River and various academic institutions, aiming to bolster the community’s accessibility and livability, with the project commencing in August 2023.

5. Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games

Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games

Image Source:

For the 2032 Brisbane Olympics, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast are preparing 26 sports venues, including new constructions, rebuilds, and temporary structures. Brisbane will be hosting 14 of these new facilities. These preparations involve significant renovations, new projects like the Brisbane Arena and Redland Whitewater Centre, and upgrades to existing venues like the Brisbane Aquatic Centre. 

The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast will also contribute venues, aiming to leave a lasting legacy with an estimated project value of 7 billion AUD. Construction will span from 2025 to July 2032.

6. Merrifield


Image Source:

Merrifield, Victoria’s largest master-planned mixed-use development located 30km from Melbourne CBD, is a collaboration between MAB Corporation and Gibson Property Corporation. It is set to deliver 7000 homes for up to 7,000 residents and create commercial centres for 30,000 jobs over 770 hectares. 

The Merrifield City Centre (Mickleham Town Centre) aims to be the heart of the northern growth corridor, supplemented by local town centres, educational sites, retail spaces, parks, and community facilities. Construction began in November 2013, and some amenities and commercial buildings were already available in 2022. The project is valued at an estimated 8 billion AUD, signalling significant regional urban and economic growth.

7. Wilton Junction

Wilton Junction

Image Source:

The Wilton Growth Area, near Sydney’s future western suburbs airport, spans 19,000ha and is designed with seven precincts that aim to blend new housing, employment opportunities, transportation, and community amenities. Targeted for full development by 2040, it includes plans for 15,000 homes, a central town area with retail and sports facilities, a potential school, and a health centre. 

Initiated in March 2021 and estimated at 7 billion AUD, the project is a strategic endeavour by various developers to foster urban growth and connectivity at a critical motorway junction.

8. Barangaroo South

Barangaroo South

Image Source:

Barangaroo South, a joint project by Lendlease and Crown Resorts, is significant to Sydney’s CBD waterfront revitalisation. It mixes commercial, residential, retail, and public spaces. It has reshaped the city’s skyline with landmarks like the International Towers and Crown Sydney and residential buildings like Anadara and Alexander, including ground-floor retail spaces. 

The development’s final phase includes the construction of One Sydney Harbour’s high-rise towers, which will add luxury apartments and essential worker accommodations. The project will span from early 2013 to the end of 2024 and is valued at an estimated 6 billion AUD.

9. Leppington Town Centre

Leppington Town Centre

Image Source:

Leppington Town Centre, located within Sydney’s South West Growth Area and in proximity to the future Western Sydney International Airport, is set to become a vibrant urban centre. The master plan envisages the development of up to 11,000 new apartments and townhouses, aiming to house over 25,000 residents and create 11,000 jobs, alongside new schools, community facilities, parks, and enhanced transport links.

Starting construction in October 2020, this project, estimated at 6 billion AUD, represents a significant urban development initiative designed to complement the region’s growing infrastructure and connectivity.

10. Victoria’s Big Housing Build – Social Housing Units

Victoria’s Big Housing Build – Social Housing Units

Image Source:

The Victorian government’s Big Housing Build program, with a 5.3 billion AUD investment, aims to address the shortage of social and affordable housing by adding 12,000 new dwellings, increasing the state’s social housing stock by 10%. The program covers a broad spectrum of regions across Victoria and includes various housing projects, such as units, townhouses, and houses. 1.25 billion AUD is earmarked specifically for regional areas. 

Initiatives under this program involve public land development, private home acquisitions, and community housing support. Construction began in October 2020, and multiple developers and contractors will be involved.

11. Ripley Valley Overall Masterplan

Ripley Valley Overall Masterplan

Image Source:

Ripley, one of Australia’s largest Priority Development Areas in Ipswich, Queensland, spans 4,680 hectares and is transforming by Sekisui House Australia into a sustainable, low-carbon community with over 48,750 dwellings planned. 

The development is centred around Ripley Town Centre and is envisioned to include ten lifestyle hubs featuring a mix of healthcare, education, retail, commercial, recreational, and residential facilities. It aims to create a self-sustaining ecosystem. This massive urban development project, estimated at 1.5 billion AUD, began construction in May 2011 and is projected to be completed by 2036.

12. Oceanside Kawana – Masterplan

Oceanside Kawana – Masterplan

Image Source:

Oceanside Kawana, a 140-hectare community in the Kawana Waters region between Currimundi Creek and the Mooloolah River on the Sunshine Coast, is set to house over 15,000 residents. The development integrates residential areas, a health precinct, a town centre, and a business village. It combines green spaces like Lake Kawana with urban amenities to create a vibrant, interconnected community. 

Slated for completion in 2027 with an estimated project value of 5 billion AUD, Oceanside aims to become a key regional hub for health services, education, employment, and retail, further enhancing the area’s accessibility with future light rail service plans.

13. North Eveleigh

North Eveleigh

Image Source:

The Redfern North Eveleigh Precinct Renewal, driven by the NSW Government, transforms former railway yards into a dynamic area within Sydney’s inner south, part of a broader citywide urban revitalisation effort for over 34 hectares, together with Central Precinct Renewal and Circular Quay Renewal. This mixed-use development aims to bolster Tech Central as Australia’s preeminent technology and innovation hub, integrating housing, offices, and public spaces while preserving the area’s historical essence. 

With an emphasis on enhancing connectivity and upgrading Redfern Station, the project was valued at an estimated 5 billion AUD. It segments into distinct sub-precincts to create a cohesive community for living, working, and creativity.

14. Elliot Springs

Elliot Springs

Image Source:

Elliot Springs, situated 15km southeast of Townsville’s CBD, is Lendlease’s largest master-planned community, unfolding over 1,609 hectares with an anticipated completion around 2057. It’s set to house over 10,000 residential units for roughly 26,000 people alongside a 57-ha enterprise park and a 21-hectare retail zone to support commercial and shopping needs, as well as various educational facilities. 

Emphasising a connection with nature, the development dedicates over 30% of its area to outdoor recreational spaces, including parks and picnic areas, with a project value estimated at 4,700.00m AUD.

15. Cloverton


Image Source:

Launched by Stockland in March 2015, Cloverton, situated in Melbourne’s northern corridor in Kalkallo, is set to become one of Victoria’s largest master-planned communities, aiming to develop around 11,000 homes over three decades. 

This extensive 1,141-hectare development is expected to support over 30,000 residents, featuring a range of amenities, including eight schools, a 60-hectare city centre with a regional shopping centre, a future train station, local town centres, and a retirement village. With an estimated project value of 4.6 billion AUD, Cloverton’s comprehensive development until 2045 marks a significant expansion in Melbourne’s urban landscape.


As Australia gears up for an exciting era of urban transformation, the notable projects of 2024 offer a glimpse into a future where cities are more livable and connected and sustainably designed to meet the needs of their growing populations. They promise enhanced quality of life through strategic enhancements in infrastructure, sustainable living environments, and dynamic economic hubs that will shape the urban landscape for decades to come.

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How do these urban construction projects address the environmental impact of such large-scale development?

Urban construction projects across Australia emphasize sustainability and minimizing environmental impact. Developers incorporate green spaces, eco-friendly materials, and energy-efficient designs to ensure these new urban areas contribute positively to their surroundings. Initiatives like rainwater harvesting, solar energy utilization, and extensive landscaping with native plants are integral to these projects, which aim to balance urban development and environmental preservation.

What opportunities are available for small businesses within these new urban developments?

These new urban developments are set to open a wealth of opportunities for small businesses. With the creation of new residential communities, commercial hubs, and retail precincts, there’s a significant demand for a wide range of services, from cafes and restaurants to childcare and health services. 

Furthermore, many of these projects plan to include enterprise parks and innovation hubs, offering small businesses and startups the chance to be at the heart of vibrant new communities. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to explore these emerging areas for potential business locations and partnerships.

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